Beautiful du'a

May your blessings be too many to count
And your worries too few to matter.
May your days be filled with sunshine
 And your nights in comfort.
...May you never go hungry
And be able to share your bounty.
May Allah(SWT) bless you with peace and prosperity
 And strengthen your faith.
May Allah(SWT) guide and purify you
and lead you to happiness
May Allah(SWT) Bless the needy
And answer their prayers.
May the next Eid we celebrate be free from oppression, hatred, persecution, fear, and all evil things.
My wishes to you and your family for a blessed Ramadan, and please remember those who go hungry all year long.

May Allah(SWT) accept all of your prayers and fast in this blessed month'
May Allah(SWT) envelope you with his Nur, Mercy and protect you in this holy month
Ramadan Kareem! This is the month for performing good dead and giving in charity. It is the month in which the gates of heaven are opened, the gates of hell are closed and the shaitans are chained up.Let's not let this blessed month slip away from us...let's make the most of it and may Allah always shower his blessings upon all of us.


Postat av: Fatimah

Allahoma Amiin!

2011-08-01 @ 14:30:31
Postat av: kurdisk muslimsk tjej <3

mashaAllah<3 vackert<3

2011-08-01 @ 15:59:59
Postat av: H

Hej, jag undrar hur man gör dua', kan man sitta/ligga/stå eller gör man det sittandes när man ber? Och hittar man på dom själv eller finns står alla dua's nånstans? tacksam för svar, wasallam.

2011-08-01 @ 19:23:00
Postat av: this is a calling

Kika på inlägget ovan som jag gjorde om din fråga!

2011-08-01 @ 20:37:58

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